OMnia Yoga. The practice that sets your soul on fire. Allows you to punch fear in the face. And aligns you with the life you were BORN to live. Want in gorgeous? Enter your deets below to get your OMnia Yoga sample's free.

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Let’s be honest, if you have found your way to me, you are ready to lead your own life. You are a person that wants MORE out of life and knows deep down that settling and conforming to the status quo just isn’t the life for you.

But. You may be struggling to stand in the face of fear, rise above the inner critic, have faith in yourself, and put yourself out there.

That’s where I come in.

I help you get the confidence and clarity you need to take the journey to healing, self-love, so that you KNOW you are worth living a life you love.

 The truth is: You can have all the knowledge gifts, talents, and passions in the world but if you don’t believe in yourself or have the tools to boldly move through your life, it’s hard to create a life by design.

I believe in you.

I’m here to SHOW you how to connect to the truth of who you, teach you how to stand-up, rise up, face fear like the fierce warrior you are, so that you can live a fulfilling- purpose filled life that you were MEANT to live. This is about reaching your full potential. Not your fate, your DESTINY.

I can help you see your big picture, break it down, map out the steps to get there, and most importantly help you face your fears so that you can show the world who you are, so that you can live the kickass life your soul intended.

   I have limited spaces open for one on one coaching.

1:1 Coaching, just me and you taking you from hiding to shining.

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Check out Allison’s amazing story of transformation written by Stephanie McNelis

allison 2

Allison Borges is busy dehydrating food, checking her gear, and studying maps, because in a couple of weeks she’s headed to Southern California to start her thru-hike of the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a brave undertaking indeed, and Allison has Tiffany Jolly, yoga teacher, mentor and friend, to thank for giving her the confidence to start.


“I’m quite sure that if our lives hadn’t crossed paths I wouldn’t be brave enough to apply for graduate school and I wouldn’t believe in myself as much as I do to attempt a solo PCT thru hike – I would still be waiting for other people to make decisions for me,” Allison says of Tiffany, “I’ve never had so much confidence and love for myself and my body as I do now. I could go on and on…but I simply just wanted to say thank you, Tiffany! You are an amazing woman who has changed my life 100% for the better,” says Allison.


Allison started attending classes with Tiffany at Star Fitness two years ago, and has enjoyed increased fitness, and has also seen her life change in unexpected ways.“I’d never really focused on myself, and since I’ve started the class I started paying more attention to what I want, I started listening to myself, looking at the relationships in my life, and I made some changes.” As Allison’s confidence grew, she moved towards more positive relationships and made many changes in her life. She says, of Tiffany: “You woke me up and have encouraged me to love and trust myself. You’ve taught me that it’s ok to be me. You have this amazing ability to make women feel empowered.”


Allison left her unfulfilling career of three years and was recently accepted to graduate school at Evergreen. “I just got accepted into the graduate program I applied for! Everything is coming together and I just wanted to say thank you, Tiffany! You have given me so much strength and confidence, a few years ago I never would have imagined my life could be this freaking wonderful and satisfying.”


“Before I started her classes, I never understood yoga, I never wanted to get started. So starting that class, not only did you get the physical, but you had the inner transformation. You start focusing on your own self development and start paying attention to your feelings, you start to go down a path you can’t really turn away from, and going to those classes not only kept me physically fit, and allowed me to pay attention to my body, but also my mind.”


When Allison started at Star Fitness she had never taken group fitness classes and was very nervous. “I couldn’t touch my toes, I thought, my body isn’t built for this! Tiffany was awesome, she learned my name immediately, which made me feel really comfortable, she paid attention and created a great environment. It’s more than a workout, it’s so much fun and you get so much out of it,” Allison explains, “Tiffany makes a real connection with you, it’s not fake. Tiffany cares, she pays attention, and she’s there to listen to you.”


“I’ve spent so much time struggling with my self-worth, I had to empower myself, and it turned into my gift, now that I’ve done that for myself I need to do that for other people,” Tiffany explains, “I’m obsessed with personal growth and self development,” and that is what she strives to help others with.


Allison decided to hike the PCT a year ago when she happened upon a blog about it, and the same week was invited by her parents to go see the movie Wild, also about the PCT. She left the film saying: “You know, I could do that, I’m going to do that,” to her very nervous mother. “I’m realizing I need to make things happen, and it’s difficult, but once you start on that path, everything starts working out. Since I’ve been trying, it just starts falling into place. There’s a really strong message from Tiffany that you can be who you want to be.”


“You get so much, I never expected that! It’s beyond my wildest dreams of what I expected going to that class, I was like ‘I’m going to lose some weight, and be able to touch my toes finally,’” Allison says. “You will get physically fit, but I’ve also become more comfortable with my body, I’ve become more confident in myself, and learned to love myself in my body, because I’m strong. I have confidence, I know myself so much better now than I did before. It’s changing my life for the positive, and Tiffany, she really cares, she pays attention to you and she cares about you.”


“I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am without her, and it seems so cheesy to say, but it’s so real!” Allison continues, “I don’t think I would have examined my relationships and changed them, I don’t think I would have realized that I didn’t want to be working where I was working, and looked into graduate school, and I don’t think I would have had faith in myself to plan a hike like I am.”


“You come for the body, but you leave with a life transformation.” Says Tiffany.

“It’s true!” Allison agrees, “you get both! Tiffany woke me up and has encouraged me to love and trust myself. She’s taught me that it’s ok to be me. She has this amazing ability to make women feel empowered.”


For more information on Star Fitness class times and prices, visit You can also take Tiffany’s online classes at To follow Allison’s journey from Mexico to Canada and beyond, check out her blog.



OMnia Yoga. The practice that sets your soul on fire. Allows you to punch fear in the face. And aligns you with the life you were BORN to live. Want in gorgeous? Enter your deets below to get your OMnia Yoga sample's free.

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