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Putting out fires…..

Hearing my dog barking outside, I went to see what all the fuss was about, I see the cat sitting there looking irritated at the dog, and a little smug, but my silly dog keeps barking at something, but I don’t know what….I think to myself “what the hell are these 2 up too?” I walk over and I see the cutest, most scared little baby bunny shivering in the grass. I should mention that this happened in the morning, and I walked outside in a tank top (no bra) and my underwear……

“Oh no! The cat got a baby bunny!” I scoop him up and cradle him in my arms, and if he is not the cutest little thing!! I check for injuries and I don’t notice anything at first. Luckily, my mom is my next door neighbor (winning!) and I (of course) go for reinforcements, but I think “I should probably put a little more clothes on, “hmm what can I put on with one hand while holding a baby bunny?! A skirt!” So I throw that on- one handed, scoot my feet into some slippers, and down I go to my moms…..she tells me to set the little guy free, I come back up to my place and I show the baby bunny to my son, he then has a talk with his cat (Daisy May) about not catching baby bunnies… then I notice blood on my hands from cradling the bunny, I lift him up and I see that he’s got an open wound on the inside of his bottom leg, “OMG” I think. So I tell Cole (my son) that I’m heading back down to my moms for advice…but this time I can’t find her, so I head back up to my place… I’m outside the door I hear Cole crying, and I think “Oh no, what am I about to walk into??” Still cradling the baby bunny, with my dog at my feet curious as to what it is I’m holding….I go inside, and Cole is crisis mode. I say “what happened?!” At this point I should probably mention my sons deep love of legos, and the game Minecraft (basically virtual legos). He LOVES building. I mean, LOVES it.

With tears running down his face, he says with dread “MY house is on fiiiirrrrreeeeeee!!!!” I look at the screen, and sure as shit his freakin Minecraft house is a blazing! I didn’t even know this was a thing! So here I am cradling a shivering, bloody baby bunny, no bra, a skirt that is a little fancy (it was the first thing I could find!), slippers, still a little groggy, dog jumping on me to see what I’m holding, Cole’s Minecraft house burning to the ground, and Cole melting down in horror as to what’s happening on the screen.

I paused for a moment and thought to myself “this is actually a touch comical” I knew in this moment that I had 2 options.

1. I could lose my shit and start yelling at Cole to calm down.
2. I could take a deep breath, and and calmly handle it in the best way possible even if I crashed and burned in the process.

I should mention that I have absolutely gone with option #1 in my life. Thankfully, in this moment I chose option #2.

Even though depth of my Minecraft knowledge is about as big as what you could fit in a thimble….I thought “there must be a way to put this fire out” So I said to Cole “can you put it out somehow?” To which he replied (still sobbing) “its toooo BIIIIIIIGGGGGG, It’s everyWHEREEEEEE” *loud groaning noises* He worked SO hard on building this house, and he was sitting there feeling helpless, and overwhelmed as he watched his creation being destroyed. I had a moment of “oh, hey kid, I can REALLY relate to that! Let me tell you about 2016” HAHA! So, I *somehow* kept my composure (I mean he was really carrying on) and I asked “do you have any water?” He said “My water is alllll GOOOOONNEEE” *more wailing* “Ok.” I said. Then, I thought to myself “there’s gotta be a freaking way Minecraft!! Don’t make me compose a stern email to Minecraft HQ!” (Kidding)

So, I said. “Can you chop the blocks around the fire, so it stops the fire from spreading, at least save what’s left??” His reply “I’m DOOOMED, it’s everywhere! I worked so hard! It’s all LOOOOOSSSSTTT” and he collapsed into his chair (I think think drama maybe a good fit) Somehow, I still kept my cool, and didn’t give up on him, or his inferno house….so I said again calmly, “can you at least try to chop the blocks around the fire and see what happens? That way maybe we can save what’s left and you won’t lose it all?” So, thankfully (after a second request) he’s in on this plan, Thank God because if I try to play, I just run into walls and get stuck.

So as he starts chopping the blocks around the fire, we notice that you can actually chop the blocks that are ON fire and put them out! EUREKA!!!! Now I’m excited! We have a solution! But he’s not on board yet, he says “but it’s EVERYWHEREEEE, I’ll never be able to put it all out!!!!” *another deep breath* and I say “ok, we’re going to put out fires one at a time, we will go slow and take our time, and do the best that we can”…… So he starts doing that, but he’s stilly panicky, so he’s rushing, and he falls down the virtual stairs and starts getting worked up again. I say “Cole, we’re going to save what we can, we’re not in a rush, you’re doing great, take your time and we are going to put these fires out one by one…”

He’s starting to get a little calmer now, and sure enough, he’s putting these freaking fires out, one by one, he’s focused on the solution, and figures out that he can put the upstairs fire out, from down stairs (efficient!) So finally, he gets ALL the fires out *WHEW* (I’m literally cheering on the inside) and he is now calmer, but sad for his loss. I said “Cole, I know you worked really hard on building that, I know it isn’t fun to lose that, but you know what else? When you re-build, you have the chance to rebuild BETTER. (I should know)

When you feel like you’re holding a bloody baby bunny, the dog is jumping at your feet, your Minecraft house burning to the effing ground, and your child is melting down……

Don’t panic! It makes it worse.
You may fail in your attempts, but don’t give up.
Keep trying solutions. One is bound to work!
Put out the fires one by one.
Stay focused on the task at hand.
Whatever you lost wasn’t meant for you anyways.
Remember, you can rebuild better.

After we got all the fires out, I said to Cole “freaking out, doesn’t make the situation better. If you can breathe and stay calm, you will find a solution, ok buddy?”

Now, this is actually HILARIOUS advice for me to be giving! Why!? Because it’s the exact advice I need!! I’ve spent years exerting tons of energy on NOT STAYING CALM! Having my own meltdowns. But somewhere along the way (Thank you OMnia Yoga!!) I learned how to stay chill. Huh, pretty cool.

I’ve been pretty hard on myself as a mom, so you know what? I will gladly take this small mom win.

Much love ~ Tiffany

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PPS After researching into wild bunny injury care, I decided to find an expert, I found a local rescue called For Heavens Sakes, and they thankfully took Mr. Baby Bunny in, I’m so happy he’s in good hands.

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  1. Oh metaphors for life. They are everywhere . . . even in Minecraft! Love this story. Somehow it applies to everything, doesn’t it?

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