Live Fearlessly.

I hear you. I see your struggle, and OMnia Yoga was designed just for you.

We all know that mindset is everything. What you believe about yourself and your world becomes your reality.  What if you could use your physical body to shift your mind? What if I told you it’s easier said than done?

In walks OMnia Yoga.

OMnia means ‘everything’ in Latin, OMnia Yoga is about becoming everything you were meant to be, aligning you with the life you were BORN to live. OMnia was designed to ignite your inner fire. Expect to shed the layers of yourself that have held you down, and to become the confident warrior woman that is living her creative calling.

OMnia Yoga is a fusion of dance + yoga + and inspiration. 

“OMnia Yoga is amazing. Talk about an empowering yoga session, get ready to work your ass off and have a beautiful instructor tell you that you’re a warrior and a goddess.” ~ Skky D.

Only $20 per month, first 10 days FREE.


“This feels like the first step to healing and truly celebrating my life. I’m okay!” Rachel Y. 

You want to make an impact.

You want your life to mean something.

And you want to freakin’ look, and more importantly FEEL good in your body while your at it, to finally feel CONFIDENT & EMPOWERED.

You want to experience that deep sense of inner fulfillment, you KNOW you have something earth shattering to share with this world…but fear, doubt, insecurity, and maybe even not feeling like your good enough, stands in your way.

I’m here to help you change ALL that.


Because I am obsessed with YOU living your creative calling.

 My gift? The power of inspiration. Hang out with me and pretty soon you’ll be believing in yourself, and making your dreams a reality. 

OMnia Yoga is the answer to igniting your confidence, breaking through fear, and aligning with your creative calling.  

Be a part of the INNER REVOLUTION.


Lean into the FIRE that will transform your soul.

Inside you will find your tribe, a place to connect with your fellow warriors, loving, and supportive souls who are there to walk through the FIRE with you.

Where your weirdness, creativity, sensitivity, and individuality is celebrated, not condemned.

A safe place where you feel important, understood, and heard, all while being inspired and held accountable…because, lets be real….

We all need support, AND a kick in the ass sometimes.


“After just over a year of this transformational process I now feel finally back in touch with the real me, who I was before life got in the way, confusing me with who I should be.  I wouldn’t say that I feel settled, I’m more emotional and I feel real.  I now realize that for over 30 years I’ve been told to be whom I’m not which caused me a lot of pain and numbness. Tiffany uniquely gave me permission to explore the real me without expectations which has been so refreshing and life changing.” ~ Molly G.


$20 per month to get inside the OMnia Yoga Tribe. It’s time to say yes to your warrior heart.

“Tiffany is not about subscribing to beauty standards or general ideas about what “pretty” looks like.  She is about what pretty feels like.  In her tribe, pretty feels like getting closer to who we are and who you want to be.  Pretty also feels like knowing your taking care of your body and loving it for its capabilities. In Tiffany’s tribe, pretty actually looks like a bunch of girls being present in their bodies and happy to be near one another without judgment. Actually, that’s not pretty, it’s fucking beautiful.” 
~Becky H.

“Tiffany woke me up and has encouraged me to love and trust myself. She’s taught me that it’s ok to be me. She has this amazing ability to make women feel empowered.” ~ Allison B. 



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