OMnia Yoga. Start your inner revolution. A unique practice that soothes your soul, ignites your confidence, and empowers you to become that badass warrior woman you were BORN to be. Ready to live a kickass life gorgeous? Enter your deets below to get your OMnia Yoga's free.


Hey gorgeous, I’m glad you’re here…

I’m Tiffany Jolly, and I need you to know something.

I believe you can live a kickass life of adventure and freedom, while connecting with other badass women like yourself, AND help others in the way you were born to.

AKA confidently live your calling.

To do the work you came here to do.

To live the life you were BORN to live.

If you’re anything like me, you CRAVE a life of FREEDOM, adventure, fun, all while being a a fearless badass, oh, and of course, to ENJOY your life, with a few dirty jokes thrown in for good measure.

If you’re here my guess is that you WANT to live this crazy amazing life.

You DO want it ALL.

And lemme guess you’re a kickass, driven, determined, ambitious, go-getter that DOES what it takes.

But there’s been something holding you back…….FEAR.

Possibly lacking the confidence & self-worth to get there….

Maybe having a hard time feeling like you deserve what it is you really WANT…

It’s the DARK side of being a badass warrior woman.

Usually taking the form of perfectionism, over thinking, worrying, people pleasing, fear of judgement…..the struggle of NOT believing in yourself or trusting yourself.

What I see the most with my clients: women who are FUCKING AMAZING. Yet, yet, for the life of them, they can’t seem to SEE how massively VALUABLE they are.

ALL they lack is OWNING it.

The ability to GTFO of their own way so that they can do the impactful and fulfilling work they came here to do.

I bet that deep down you know you’re kickass chick, you can FEEL it!

You KNOW you were born to LEAD, to bring some creatively cool shit to this world, and you freakin love helping others.

But, because of feelings of disempowerment, you sit back, you settle, you put yourself a little lower on the priority list, you play small, and you tell yourself “well, I guess this’ll do….”

Wait, NO!! This isn’t how life is meant to be lived!

You gotta heal your shiz and RISE.

You need to know that what you have inside of you IS important, and needed, and you letting your life pass you by can’t happen anymore.

You and your gifts are NEEDED. They need to be discovered and shared.

I believe everything in your life starts with you.

So that’s what I do for my clients, I show them how to heal, and put themselves first.

When you have me in your corner, you will be unstoppable.

I get a high off of watching my tribe RISE.

2012, wilted flower-office girl Tiffany never would’ve dreamed that she’d be presenting her self created event at a festival in San Diego, or running her own business online, and in Olympia, WA, book speaking gigs, and there’s no way she would’ve believed that she could create OMnia Yoga, and certify other women to teach it too.

There’s no way she could’ve guessed that she would inspire and empower her client Allison to walk away from her job, her man, and her old life, to take on her dream of hiking all of the 2,560 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, and make it all the way!

She never could’ve seen that she would help Molly to overcome her personal struggle to find a career that was both rewarding AND was aligned with her dream of curing cancer. Yeah, that’s happening.

What if I decided to keep settling??? It actually hurts others when you decide to ignore the calling that God placed inside of you.

As an empowerment coach and the creator of OMnia Yoga, when I witness my clients go from caged birds to badass warriors, I light up like a freakin Christmas Tree!

This is my calling.

I’m on a mission to help you to RISE so that you can live the freedom filled, passionate-as-hell, adventurously-fulfilling-joyful, VIP lifestyle that you were BORN to live.

The moment that shifted my life…..I experienced a train wreck of a break-up in 2012 that ended in the streets of my hometown when by happen chance, (thank you God) I saw him arm in arm with another woman. Our eyes met and locked, he said nothing. He kept walking arm in arm.

Finally, I was ready to be done…..not just with him, but with the shell of a life I had been living.

The pain of settling finally won over the discomfort it took to RISE. In that moment I looked at my life and saw a woman who was a wilted flower.

I found myself broken hearted with years of toxic relationships under my belt, seriously low confidence, stuck in a passionless job, a deep sense of unfulfillment, heavy sadness (that went all the way back to childhood), and feelings of not being important, valuable, or worthy, and definitely not good enough……

Still. There was a small seed inside of me that, deep down, KNEW I was meant for more, that knew I was born to make an impact, and I CRAVED that deep sense of inner fulfillment, I wanted to live an empowered life.

I took a deep breath and made a commitment to myself to become my full potential.

I was finally willing to do the work that it took to RISE.

To align with the life I was BORN to live.

To FIND and EMBRACE my creative calling.

The path of the warrior opened up….

In late 2012 I became certified Personal Trainer, then in 2013 I launched and created my own small yoga business, in 2015, I took another (SCARY!) leap and launched my self-created format OMnia Yoga, started doing inspirational speaking, empowerment coaching, and live events.

If you are serious about doing what it takes to live your calling, then stick with me and watch yourself become the badass warrior woman you know you were BORN to be.

Everything in your life starts with YOU.

XO~ Tiffany

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“Tiffany, you truly walk the talk sister.”

~Kirsten G.

OMnia Yoga. Start your inner revolution. A unique practice that soothes your soul, ignites your confidence, and empowers you to become that badass warrior woman you were BORN to be. Ready to live a kickass life gorgeous? Enter your deets below to get your OMnia Yoga's free.

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