OMnia Yoga. The practice that sets your soul on fire. Allows you to punch fear in the face. And aligns you with the life you were BORN to live. Want in gorgeous? Enter your deets below to get your OMnia Yoga sample's free.


Go deep. Straight into the center of yourself. Piercing, guiding, walking hand-in-hand with me to set your truth and your soul on white hot fire. I am the 11th Archer. My work is only for the action-takers, the walkers-in-light who know they have work to do and are ready to do it.

Hey gorgeous, I’m glad you’re here…

Consider me your personal trainer for you mind, body, and soul. I help creative, heart centered souls to GTFO of their own way and align with the fulfilling soul aligned service work you came here to do, IN the body that you love. *Mic drop. 

Maybe you’re tired of being tortured by your mind. Over thinking, worrying, not feeling good enough, worthy, or like your life has the meaning that you KNOW it’s meant to. Deep down you know you came here to make an impact.

Hi, I’m Tiffany Jolly- head honcho here at, Inspirational MOFO, music junkie, creator of OMnia Yoga, and owner of Star Fitness in beautiful Olympia, WA. Yeah, it’s safe to say I’m a multi-passionate woman on a mission. I came here with a big heart, with a healthy dose creative badassary,mixed with sarcastic nerdom, that at my core is a humble leader that will DIE for her cause of helping the revolutionaries (that’s YOU) that were BORN to do some important work in this world.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, I know you are excited! (I am too!!) I know that FIRST you must heal yourself, discover yourself, BE willing to change, and walk through the fucking FIRE of transforming your life.

What’s that you say? Sounds scary, uncomfortable…….FUCK YES it is. I never once said it would be easy. You’re here because you’re not a fucking quitter, you do what it takes, you may stumble and fall, but dammit you ALWAYS get back up. Just think about how amazing you are for that trait alone. Rock on love.

This is not about fate, it’s about you with your DESTINY. 

So that you…

HELP YOURSELF, SO THAT YOU CAN HELP OTHERS. You know you are called to serve, to make an impact, to DO the light work you CAME here to do.

Find your happy. (you can have it NOW and you find it on the inside)

Love your body. (even if you have goals to change it)

Transform your life from the inside-out. (the only way to go)

Discover your passion & purpose (so you can live your dreams)

Struggling to feel like you’re worth having a life you love? Feeling guilty of wanting more? Finding yourself stressed more than blissed?

You’re not alone. I did too.

I tipped the scale at 200lbs at the birth of my son in 2008.

I used to work a 9-5p job void of passion.

I stayed in a unhealthy & toxic relationships way past their expiration dates.

For years, I felt like “I need ‘fixing’ before I’m worth having what I truly want in my life” 

Boy was I wrong, what a painful search that was. Maybe you can relate?

After an intense break-up in 2012, literally ended out in the streets of my hometown, when by happen chance (thank you Universe) I saw him arm in arm with another girl. Finally, I was ready to stick a fork in it- and him.

I carried around so many pain bricks in my emotional back pack- hell, luggage! for so long, that this was exactly what I needed.

Today I am so thankful that it ended as badly and as painfully than it did.

There’s always a silver lining…..and a lesson.

That’s when my WHOLE life really started coming together.

I started with healing, then personal development & growth…then empowerment.

Modestly, I would like to share with you that currently I have the healthiest, loving, and supportive relationship of my life, built my own local biz (just had my 2 year anniversary, woop!) and now online business around my soul aligned calling and passion, kept the weight off for 4 years and counting, and I can actually say I love myself flaws and all.

I’m ready to return the favor.

Maybe you are hurting and reading this right now for a reason. Maybe you were destined to find me- it’s possible I have something to share with you that you need for your journey.

Can I get real and raw with you right now?

I’m obsessed with personal development & growth, self-discovery, and mindset.

Literally EVERYTHING in your life circles back to YOU.

The more you focus on you, take care of you, discover you, love you, heal you, that’s when your life REALLY begins!!

This is where the union of mind-body-soul takes place and you literally grow your wings and FLY.

Because seriously? You were meant to SOAR. Not settle. 

If there was ever a skill you needed to master to feel fulfilled, get the body, (re)discover yourself, find your gifts, ignite your personal power, and live with passion and purpose, it’s self-love and mind-set. I can help you….







Ready to be a part of the sisterhood? Grab your Free OMnia Yoga class and your must-have intro course “Finding Your Why”

OMnia encompasses the very best of my 15+ years in the fitness industry, OM + nia = everything on purpose. This personally created dance yoga fusion format will deepen the connection to yourself, free your inner wild, and help you fully step into yourself, your power, and purpose- all while having fun.

OMnia was created to ignite your inner fire so that you can start living, instead of just surviving.

Use this class to feel sexy and beautiful remember sexy is feeling, not a size.

I know as a fact that most people start off with the best intentions and then somehow slip and end up right back where they started- or worse off (New Years res anyone?) but not you, not this time, not on my watch.

That is why I’ve also included my “Find your why-  make motivation your bitch” training..ahem, until you find your personal answer to this, the struggle is real. (I should know)

Have we officially met yet? I’m Tiffany Jolly, your fun, friendly, and fierce transformational teacher who runs this biz.circletiff

It’s no accident that I’ve been some form of service industry for my entire working career. I love helping people.

Stick with me and I will use my (non-annoying) cheerleading super powers on you- I’ve got a flair for motivating, inspiring, and exciting people about their lives.

I’m here to kick your butt into gear – in a nice, and friendly way. If you’re looking for someone to degrade you, tell you how to live your life, and to lead you with critisim and fear, I’m not your woman.

My crystal clear mission is to guide you to become the leader of your own life.

To be YOU.

Love YOU.

Accept YOU.

and to show the world who you really are.

I already know that you are special, important, and enough and now it’s time you see that too.

I believe it’s damn important that you live a life you love, which means you have to heal your shit, love your bad ass self, and for pretty freakin please, share your damn gifts!!

Like Wayne Dyer said “don’t die with your music still inside of you” YESSSSSSS for the love of God please don’t do that! It hurts me!

OK, I’m taking a deep breath, I’m getting too excited.

I want to see your wings.

I can help you fly.

xoox~ Tiffany


You can see my very personal and vulnerable article that was published in the Elephant Journal by clicking the pic below:

elephant journal article

“I have never, ever had a trainer/coach/instructor/troupe leader like you.  You are simply the best.  You inspire me to be the best I can be both physically and emotionally and have helped me recognize my potential is way more than I have been giving myself credit for.  You are the real deal and I know your genuine passion for what you do is going to take you to amazing places.”
Sincerely from the bottom of my heart (and my very sore ass)”

-Deb B.

allison 2
Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for noticing the change in me! It’s a little difficult for me to describe how different I feel now as compared to a little over a year ago when I started taking classes with you. I know that I’m very much responsible for the way I’ve grown, but you most definitely are too – you woke me up and have encouraged me to love and trust myself. You’ve taught me that it’s ok to be me. You have this amazing ability to make women feel empowered.
I’m quite sure that if our lives hadn’t crossed paths I wouldn’t be brave enough to apply for graduate school and I wouldn’t believe in myself as much as I do to attempt a solo PCT thru hike – I would still be waiting for other people to make decisions for me. I’ve never had so much confidence and love for myself and my body as I do now. I could go on and on…but I simply just wanted to say thank you, Tiffany! You are an amazing women who has changed my life 100% for the better.

~ Allison B.

 “I am so glad I met you.  You really have supported me in transforming my life.”
~Amelia W.

 “OMnia Yoga is very powerful and I felt beautiful and feminine and exhilarated afterwards. Thank you it was very much needed.”

~ Janice M.

kirsten 2
“Tiffany, you truly walk the talk sister.”

~Kirsten G.

“Tiffany is not about subscribing to beauty standards or general ideas about what “pretty” looks like.  She is about what pretty feels like.  In her classes pretty feels like getting closer to who are and who you want to be.  Pretty also feels like knowing your taking care of your body and loving it for its capabilities. In Tiffany’s class, pretty actually looks like a bunch of girls being present in their bodies and happy to be near one another without judgment.  Actually, that’s not pretty, it’s fucking beautiful.”
~Becky H.

OMnia Yoga. The practice that sets your soul on fire. Allows you to punch fear in the face. And aligns you with the life you were BORN to live. Want in gorgeous? Enter your deets below to get your OMnia Yoga sample's free.

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